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Our company, Supreme Garage Door Repair, is prepared to give you all services such as garage door maintenance repair and overhead door springs repair. We are more than equipped to deal with any situations that may happen to your garage door. Our top-tier experts are more than experienced in dealing with garage doors and hardware. They will be able to assess the problem and tackle it as fast as possible. We are sure to make your money and time worth it.

One of the least known components of a garage door for most homeowners is the garage door cables. Nowadays, homeowners can control their garage doors with apps and their car’s computers as long as they have Wi-Fi and signal, but there are still some components within the garage that people will not understand their use, and that is garage door cables. That is why we offer to repair cables that have broken for our customers. There is a bigger chance of our customers who feel confident in themselves to fix the cables by themselves thus leading to future problems if not done properly.

Most garage doors have two types of cables, lifting cables and safety cables. Let us talk about them and inform you about their uses.

Repair Cables – Lifting Cables Has Never Been So Easy

The lifting cables are the component that connects the springs to the door, therefore making it move. Usually, each garage door will have the springs attached to drums, and this area is related to lifting cables that are one at each side of the garage door.

There are two types of lifting cables, which depend on the kind of springs your garage door has. One type depends on the torsion springs. In this case, the cables are in drums at both ends or in a spring shaft. As the spring shaft or the drums rotate, the cables either extend or drop the door. These types of garage cables usually last years; if they break, you might want to call us for our repair cables service as there might be something rubbing against it making it break faster. The other depends on the extension springs. In this case, they have a pulley from where the cables run and provide a way to lift the doors. If one of these cables breaks and is not replaced correctly, the door will be left uneven and eventually fail.

To prevent the cable from snapping, the best thing to do is contact a professional that will do regular maintenance to it. The expert will be able to notice the condition of the cable and know if the cable will be able to resist or needs immediate replacement. We recommend our customers take a few minutes now and then to check the cable and visually see its condition. This way, they can prevent any accidents and act before the cable reaches a state of no return.

Repair Cables –Safety Cables

Safety cables are there to ensure nothing wrong happens to you and the garage door. The safety cable extends from the door dram through the extension spring to the other end, where it holds the spring. If the spring breaks, the safety cables will prevent the pieces from being sent flying everywhere, thus preventing death or injuring someone. The maintenance of the safety cables is vital as if the day comes where you need them, you have them in pristine condition.

As you will be working near the springs when trying to replace or repair cables, we strongly recommend you, our customer, contact us at Supreme Garage Door Repair to help you prevent any possible accident.

 Call Us For Garage Door Service!

We encourage you to contact us! You can count on us for repair cables, overhead door springs, or perhaps even a complete garage door installation. We can do everything as our professional servicemen have years of experience and are experts at their trade. We will work as fast as humanly possible while giving you the best service in the whole industry. Once you contact us, you will have to talk with one of our employees and explain to them your current situation. Whether it is garage door maintenance repair or installing products we can do everything! When one of our repairmen arrives at your location, you will only have to sit back and relax! So, call us, organize for one of our employees to arrive at your place at your discretion and relax. We will take care of everything!

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