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Garage Door Strut Installation: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Ensuring the durability and functionality of your garage door is vital for home security and ease of access. A critical component in maintaining your garage door’s structural integrity is the installation of a garage door strut. This guide will walk you through the simple yet important process of installing a garage door strut, ensuring your door operates smoothly and stands up to daily wear and tear.

What is a Garage Door Strut?

A garage door strut is a metal reinforcement bar that provides support to the garage door panel, particularly when the door is in motion or in a standing position. Struts prevent the panels from bending or breaking, particularly in the face of high winds or heavy usage.

When Do You Need a Strut?

You’ll know it’s time to install a strut if you notice your garage door panels bending or if the door shakes as it moves. Additionally, if you’ve installed a new garage door opener and your door is older or has larger panels, adding a strut can prevent future damage.

Installation of a strut is a proactive step towards preventing the premature wear and tear of your garage door. By adding this layer of support, you’re not only ensuring smoother and quieter operation but also protecting against the potential for more severe damage.

It’s a strategic investment, safeguarding one of the key entry points to your home and the various elements it may face throughout the changing seasons in Minneapolis.

Gathering Your Toolkit

Before diving in, assemble your toolkit. You’ll need:
• A metal strut that matches your door’s width
• Cordless drill and metal screws
• Measuring tape and carpenter’s level
• Safety goggles and gloves
• Stepladder

Installation Steps

1. Measure for Accuracy: Accurately measure the width of your garage door to determine the size of the strut needed. If your door measures wider than the standard strut lengths available, you’ll need to piece together two struts to cover the entire width.

2. Align the Strut Properly: Position the strut along the top edge of the garage door panel where reinforcement is needed. If the door is already slightly bent, you may need to gently straighten the panel by hand before attaching the strut.

3. Ensure Level Placement: Use a level to ensure the strut is perfectly horizontal. An unevenly placed strut can lead to further issues, including improper opening and closing, which could cause additional wear and tear on the garage door mechanism.

4. Secure the Strut Firmly: Drill self-tapping screws through the strut and into the garage door panel at each end and at every 8 to 12 inches along the strut. This pattern of screws ensures that the strut is firmly attached and that the door panel is evenly supported along its length.

Additional Tips:

• Double-check your measurements before purchasing or cutting any materials to avoid errors.
• If you’re installing more than one strut, repeat the steps for each panel requiring reinforcement.
• Remember to wear safety gear, such as goggles and gloves, when drilling or handling metal components.

When to Call the Professionals

Installing a strut can be a dangerous, it’s best to call in the experts. If your door is particularly heavy or if you’re not comfortable with the installation process, a professional can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Maintenance Tips

After installation, periodically check the screws for tightness, as vibration from the door’s movement can loosen them over time. Also, keep an eye on the door panels for any signs of bending.

Your At-a-Glance Installation Table

Step Tools Needed Notes
Measure Door Measuring tape Ensure accuracy for the right fit.
Position Strut Level Keep it straight for maximum support.
Secure Strut Drill and screws Fasten firmly for stability.

Supreme Garage Door Repair: Your Minneapolis Expert

In Minneapolis, MN, when it comes to garage door strut installation, you want a service provider you can trust. Supreme Garage Door Repair offers professional, reliable service that ensures your garage door operates at its best. With our skilled technicians, your garage door strut installation will be handled efficiently, enhancing your door’s longevity and performance.

Our local, skilled technicians deliver not just installation but also peace of mind that your garage door will last through the seasons. We understand Minneapolis homes and the importance of a secure, well-functioning garage door.


Garage door strut installation is a straightforward process that can greatly benefit the lifespan and stability of your garage door. For those in the Minneapolis area, Supreme Garage Door Repair stands ready to provide top-tier service.

Ensure your garage door installation is complete with a sturdy strut and enhance convenience with a garage door remote installation.

Contact us today to fortify your garage door and enjoy peace of mind with every click of your remote.


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