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Garage Door Bearings – What Are These Bearings!

Garage doors with torsion springs have multiple garage door bearings on their shafts. Bearings are about one inch in diameter on the inside, and two inches on the outside. Due to their specific shapes, the bearings are specially shaped to fit into brackets or cones. There are usually two bearings on residential doors, one near each cable drum. Bearings are usually found in the stationary cone of each spring for industrial and commercial doors with a split shaft, and two bearings in the center if the shaft is split.

It is common for garage door bearings to wear out. You can remove them with your index finger once they are installed inside the stationary cones. In cases with stamped garage door bearings, keeping the plate may be more cost-effective than replacing the bearing. There are also instances when bending or breaking of spring anchor brackets or end bearing plates necessitates replacement. Bearings stamped into brackets may require replacement as well, since many of these garage door bearings are stamped into the brackets.

Door Weight and Duration of Use Determine the Dearing Selection

When the springs combined are under 30 pounds, the BE-010 nylon bushing (lower right) is for light duty use, although heavier springs do not appear to affect effectiveness.
It is necessary to use heavier bearings at the ends of the door to support its weight.

We recommend lubricating BE-110 bearings for doors weighing up to 250 pounds and used 2,000 cycles per year.

BE-100 Freeway bearings (middle row in the center) are recommended for doors weighing more than 250 pounds or those with a higher cycle. Residential, commercial, and industrial applications have proven the superiority of these bearings. In 1982, Northwest Door produced this 22′ X 14′ industrial door, and it still has these bearings in excellent shape after many years of service.

In addition to the Freeway bearings, other bearings have higher ratings, such as the precision flanged bearing BEF-UCF100 (upper right) and the flanged radial bearing BEF-150 (bottom row in middle). If a door weighs more than 1,000 pounds and cycles frequently, you may want to consider these doors. The chain-driven end-mounted jackshaft operator is recommended for heavy-duty doors that weigh more than 500 pounds. It is recommended to use high-quality flanged UCF bearings for garage doors in heavy use, including parking doors. Colder climates can pose this risk, however.

Types Of Rollers With Garage Door Bearings!

Seven Ball Bearings on a Steel Roller

Rollers used to come with ball bearings. Compared to plastic rollers, this roller offers better performance. Lubricated ball bearings extend their lifespan to more than five years. The ball bearings aren’t as smooth or quiet as the rollers, but it’s better to have them than to have none at all. It is estimated that they weigh 35 pounds on average. The rollers have a life expectancy of 5,000 – 7,000 cycles per set.

10 Ball Bearings on a Steel Roller

The steel roller has seven ball bearings and is an upgrade. There is less friction and a smoother roll when three bearings are added. Lubrication is provided by exposed ball bearings throughout the roller’s life. A roller weighs 75 pounds on average and can last 10,000 – 15,000 cycles. Compared to rollers with nylon tires, steel rollers are louder. The noise that steel rollers make in steel tracks is greater than the noise made by nylon rollers in steel tracks.

10-13 Ball Bearings On Nylon Roller

In addition to preventing wear, the nylon roller glides quietly down the steel track due to its heavy-duty construction. Exposed bearings make it possible to lubricate it. A torsion spring can last 10,000 – 15,000 cycles with its average load of 75 pounds per roller.

Ten to thirteen ball bearings are present on serviceable nylon rollers. Except for some bearings, they are basically the same. There will be a slight difference in smoothness and even a little bit of longevity between rollers with thirteen bearings, but all of them will perform excellently.

Sealed 6200 Ball Bearings in Nylon Rollers

The majority of people will find it most useful. This roller offers excellent value for the price.

Due to their sealed heavy-duty ball bearing design, they have a lifespan of over 100,000 cycles. In this sealed design, dirt, humidity, and other damaging elements are kept out by front and back sealed caps. Sealed bearings will improve the performance of your automatic opener and extend its lifespan. 6200 bearings feature lifetime warranties on many rollers.

Is it Necessary to Replace Garage Door Bearings?

Calculating how often your rollers need replacing can help you determine when to do so. For example, nylon rollers have a 10,000-cycle life rating. In this case, you can expect the roller to last between six and seven years. You should replace your rollers as soon as they begin to wear down beyond their life expectancy. Call Supreme Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis to replace or repair the garage door bearing.

Choose Our Pro Service At Supreme Garage Door Repair!

In addition to having high-quality tools, the Supreme Garage Door Repair team has the fastest response time. After contacting the team, an employee who is solely concerned with solving your problem will be assigned to you. In order to understand the problem better, they will first contact you. Your garage door bearing repair or replacement, garage door strut, and, a garage door vertical track technician will be on the way to your home as soon as possible to address the problem.

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